Do you want to teach your children about Christ and keep Christ in Christmas with family devotions?

Do you want to spend quality time with your kids this Christmas season?

Do you love to do crafts and want something you can do together as a family during the busy holiday season?

You want to use every moment to teach your children about Christ, especially at a holiday about Christ's birth, BUT...

-all the Christmas displays focus on Santa

-all the Advent calendars count down to Santa's arrival

-the toy magazines come flooding in your mailbox and the commercials encourage your kids to want material things and again distract the focus from Christ

I hear you! I couldn’t find an Advent calendar to teach my children about the coming of Christ when my children were toddlers either. So I made one!

Introducing the Jus’ Classical Advent Calendar Pattern and Devotional

This includes:

*Pattern to create your own simple felt Advent calendar - no sewing involved!

*Detailed pattern and instructions to create the Advent calendar one day at a time (if needed) to make the calendar the first year.

*Instructions on how to present the calendar in future years after it is made.

*Daily devotional for 25 days of December to count down the days until Christ’s birth (includes Christmas day.) Devotional includes Bible readings and songs that go along with the visual piece of the calendar for the day. Each day’s devotional adds to part of the biblical account of Jesus’ birth.

*This is a digital product which you can download and print.

Keep Christ as the focus of your family's Christmas season!

This is for you if:

-You want to be more intentional in pointing your children to Christ during the Christmas season.

-You want to establish a better habit of family devotions.

-You want an easy and meaningful craft to make for the holidays (and that can be done day by day.)

Get started with Christ-focused family devotions this Christmas season!